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Summer 2018


Dear Member  עמו"ש


First of all. I would like to thank  David Rosenthal, my co-editor of this Luach, for all his help  in putting it together.  It is quite a daunting task, and his eye for detail makes everything so much easier!
This is the 21st  edition of the BLBH Luach, and I would like to thank all the advertisers over the years who have supported this publication.

There are a couple of dates in this year’s luach which I would like to draw to your attention:  Firstly, on  4th August, we have the BLBH annual General Meetng.  There is a fine distinction between apathy and satisfaction, but nevertheless it would be gratifying to see more members taking an active part in the decisions and running of the Shul.

The second date to note, is 10th November, when we are holding the Shul Melave Malke.    Our shul is well established in terms of the numerous minyanim and shiurim every day, but this Melave Malke gives us an opportunity to get together socially, and create more of a community spirit amotngs all of us.   We will be having a special guest speaker, and good food, so please keep the date free for an enjoyable evening.

With best wishes for a כתיבה וחתימה טובה

Harry Ganz

Wed, 15 July 2020 23 Tammuz 5780