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Daf Hayomi Siyum

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Sunday 20th February 2017 saw a very special event in the Shul.  The Rabbi Winegarten שליט"א completed his 5th cycle of Daf Hayomi.  This amazing feat is all the more remarkable because the shiur is given twice a day!
The siyum was held in the Eshel Avraham Eleizer hall, attended by nearly 100 members.  The speakers were the Rav, (who gave the siyum לע"נ his mother-in-law, who was niftar shortly before the siyum) and guest of honour, his mechutan from Manchester, Rav Moshe Kupetz שליט"א
A special presentation was made to the Rav by one of the stalwarts of the shiur, Mr Victor Amar.

To listen to the Rav addressing the Siyum,  click here
To listen to Rav Kupetz addressing the Siyum, click here


Wed, 15 July 2020 23 Tammuz 5780